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Exhibition Invitations

The exhibition private view is in less than a month, so we decided to print out some invitations to send out. The invitations are printed directly unto mesh. We decided to make a different version unto paper as well. Because we encourage creatives to get their hands dirty and go back to traditional means of printing, we thought it appropriate to include our experience at the Anti Design Festival with the design of the invitation.

[Concept by Barbara Salvadori]

[Type designed and set by Marjo Loponen]


Lost Knowledge – Exhibition Preparations

With only one month left before the exhibition in LCC, participants are in the studio getting their pieces ready for the show.

Lost Knowledge Exhibition Posters (2)

Marta Puchala // 3-color Screen Print

Latest addition to our Exhibition Posters series.

Lost Knowledge Exhibition Posters

Participants of the Lost Knowledge Print Exhibition were asked to design their own poster for the exhibition. Here are the first three submissions.

Anthony Chapman // 3-color Screen Print

Coraline Chane // CMYK 4-color Screen Print

Nathan Gotlib // Off-Registered CMYK 4-color Screen Print

Lost Knowledge Prints

During the workshops the audience is invited to take part and screen print their own images. This is what people have come up with.

Setting Up The Workshop

The workshop launched on the 18th
of May and is going to run until the
1st of July. We took a few days to set
up all our beds and equipment, as
well as making it a bit more homey.

Silk Screen Printing in Elephant and Castle

For the LCC Power of Ten summer shows,
Lost Knowledge invites you to take part in
a live screen printing workshop. The work
will be displayed at the exhibition as the
workshop part of the show.